Pumpkin Creeper from dollar store items

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Oh boy, this spookster has been in the works for AGES. I’ve been doing a little bit of work here and there on it and finally it is done! I really wanted to have some cool decor without the big price tag so I set about seeing what I could do with what my stash and the dollar store had. I only plan on having this out the night of the party so I didn’t worry too much about durability which I think was a big help in keeping the cost down. I also don’t plan on keeping it forever. I’m sure it’s going to look good outside set up with my gravestones and bat fence, at least a bit better than in front of my patio doors…

*Please, for the love of Halloween don’t judge me by the state of my craft floor. I am more than the sum of my works in progress.

Materials needed:

  • plastic jack o lantern
  • garden vine stands
  • tape
  • news paper/foam/plastic bags
  • glue stick and glue guns
  • wooden dowels
  • acrylic paints and brushes
  • ribbon/yarn/burlap fabric strips
  • spider webs
  • cheesecloth/monster fabric
  • paper towel rolls
  • Glow sticks

How I did it:

I used 2 vine stands that looked roughly body sized (broad on top and tapered toward the bottom) and attached them on the bottom, building up the chest area by spacing it out with wooden dowels. I cut the top layer of the front one to build up the neck/shoulder area.

Using glue and tape I attached more dowels on the shoulder area for arms, and bulked up the joints with crumpled paper.

Smaller pieces of dowels were glued together to make hands.

I wrapped the arms and hands in foam and covered the torso in paper and garbage bags to cover the holes.

Everything then got covered in tape to hide all the seams and then painted messily with a mixture of black, brown and red paint.

The jack o lantern I had already painted black and wiped off the excess. I cut a hole in the back and stuck it through the neck dowel.

I tied off a bunch of pieces of scrappy ribbon and covered the whole thing in cheesecloth.

Final touches are some spider webs and glow sticks in the pumpkin.


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