All Eyes On You: Easy Lamp Halloween Makeover

One could only be so lucky to disturb themselves with their own decorating, and this lamp revamp (hah) does it for me. I find this unsettling, all those empty eyes. My dear sweet husband said it was “too creepy” for our home, and when I said that wasn’t the right answer he next said it was “the right level of creepy”. That’s the spirit! (Poor guy, he’s not nearly as into the season as I am, so we compromise. No decorations outside the sewing room until October 1st. And I DID put some decor back at his request when we visited Spirit..)

Considering the effect this provides, it’s an extremely easy makeover. You could do this with any lamp, or use a coat rack or PVC pipe sculpture. Glow sticks or battery operated lights behind the mask would work just as well, plus you then have the option of different colours and effects! 

What you need:

  • Lightweight black fabric
  • Masks
  • Lamp (or coat rack, PVC stand, mannequin… And lights)
  • Pins/tape
  • Cardboard/foam core

How to:


If you have bendable arms on your lamp, twist them into shape, then using foam core (or cardboard) cut slots to hold them in place, and taped them in. If you don’t have an adjustable lamp, remove your lampshade, and tape on some cardboard to bulk up around the edges so there’s more of a ‘body’ shape underneath than a ‘pole’ shape.


This doesn’t need to look fancy, it’s purely functional. I rounded out the top edges for more of a shoulder shape.

Drape black fabric across the front, covering as much of the lamp as you can, pinning it in place as you go. Attach your masks to the lamp shades. (Please note: Use LEDs or low heat lightbulbs, and never attach the mask directly to the bulb. Spook safe!)


Using another piece of black fabric, drape it over the masks like hoods.

I put pins directly into the masks on the top and sides to make sure it draped how I wanted it to.

That’s it! Quick and easy. Stick it in a corner and watch it make people uncomfortable.

Is it looking at me? I think it’s looking at me.

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