Jog Your Skull (and Bones)

skull and crossbone joggers

Picture me, arms full of brand new Halloween blankets at Value Village. One became a ridiculously oversized hoodie covered in neon spider webs, and the other one went in the fabric drawer for a decade. That leads us to now!

Leggings are nice and everything, but sometimes I want just some comfy cozy pants that don’t squeeze my everything and that belong to me and not my husband. In comes the Mama Bear Jogger pattern by Patterns For Pirates. I had just enough blanket for the legs, and I dug through my stash for this black and grey striped fabric that was close enough in thickness and stretchiness to match.

skull and crossbone joggers

IMG_6904It’s an easy pattern, although at first they came out WAY too big. Apparently that’s pretty common according to the P4P facebook group, but that’s fine. I just pinned both sizes and sewed a new line. Yes, the pockets are much narrower now, but that’s OK. My phone won’t go anywhere!

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