Drip Mug

Want a quick and easy way to spook up some kitchenware? This DIY is so easy a corpse could do it! All you need is a ceramic mug (or wine glass, vase, bowl… Anything that can be put in the oven temporarily) and a ceramic paint marker (I used Pebeo’s “China Paint Porcelain 150”.)

Clean and dry the mug, then draw the marker along the top rim to cover it smoothly. Then simply push down the tip of the marker onto the rim until it drips down where you want it. That’s it. You can draw some stripes down to help the drip along, but it’s not necessary.

Want it to be dishwasher safe? Let it dry 24 hours, then pop it in the oven to heat set it according to the instructions on the marker. I know a lot of people have ‘hacks’ for decorating mugs with sharpies and the ilk and saying they’re permanent, but I’ve never had one actually keep the ink on. This is, with proof of me dishwashing it every time since I did this weeks ago (you’ll be hard pressed to get me to hand wash a mug…)

The one thing I can say is if you do put it in the dishwasher, don’t pull the mug out before the heat dry cycle is done. I did that once and it caused a bit of paint to peel off, but if I leave it dry and cool properly, I have no issues. You could probably scrape the design a bit with a nail while you have something hot in the mug (it gets a bit tacky) but I don’t handle anything lightly and I haven’t had any problems besides that one.

Mug with black drips held by a skeleton hand.

So go forth, and drip up all your mugs! How great would red be on white, or green on black?! Yessssssssss.

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