Coffin Enamel Pin Display

Wow, okay! What a delay. The holidays got SO hectic that I had to back-burner this blog, but don’t worry; I haven’t forgotten about you spooks. I have so many things I want to make, plus all the things I need to get ready for this Halloween.. It is coming up fast after all ;).

I bought this coffin tray a couple years ago at Michael’s. It was from the Halloween village section though that didn’t help me know what to do with it. I’ve used it alone as a decoration piece but I wanted it to be more.

The other day I found some cork at the thrift store (the kind you use for push pins) and thought it’d be the perfect filler for the coffin as a place to display my enamel pins. And it looks great! I used some cardstock to fill the background and just squished everything in place after cutting it to size. That way I can remove it if I think of something different without ruining anything. I cut two layers of cork because one would have left the pins sticking out ever so slightly.

Supplies: Cool coffin, Spider paper, Cork (plus tape, exacto, pencil, and ruler)
Trace the coffin
Measure the edge of the coffin and mark that off.
Testing the fit.. Perfect!
I cut two layers of cork by tracing the green cardstock. The cork (and paper) were both too short to do it in one piece so I matched up pieces to fit.
Everything in place and taped to hold the layers together.

After snapping some spooky only pin pics I loaded the coffin with the rest of my pins, because why should only some go on display?

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