Tree Eating Stocking

What better item to store all your goodies in than a sandworm’s stomach? They would have eaten them all anyway…

Sandworms, for those unaware, are creatures featured in several Tim Burton movies, namely Beetlejuice and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I was originally planning on building a large, tree eating sandworm, but once I had this idea I knew I needed to do it instead. Because one: Who doesn’t love a good stocking? And two: Full grown sandworms can’t be domesticated and it’s unethical to try and keep one in your house. 😉

I used fleece for the bodies and felt for the eyes, and took a standard stocking pattern that I drew on top of until I got the shape to what I wanted it to be. The Beetlejuice sandworm has striped teeth and red spots, which I hand painted.



Don’t let them get too close! They’re quite hungry and will eat anything…

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